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Rate Hikes in ‘19? Thank Lee

Zeldin voted to put Ryan’s budget on the House agenda, allowing for the tax scam that repealed the ACA mandate. Premium Increases? For 40-year olds (+$610); family of 4 (+$2,430); 55-year old couple (+$1,210). (H.Con.Res 71,Roll Call 557;

Zeldin to Boomers: Pay More!

Although NY01 is home to 154,600 people aged 50-64, Zeldin voted to let insurers increase premiums for older adults 5x what they charge younger adults. Under the ACA, insurers couldn’t charge this group more than 3x . (HR 1628)

Pre-Existing Condition? Lee Says Tough Luck

Zeldin’s vote to repeal the ACA put 310,000 constituents (under 65) with pre-existing conditions at risk. Insurance companies could once again discriminate by denying coverage or raising premiums so high that many could no longer afford coverage. (HR 1628,

Zeldin Flips on CHIP

Zeldin voted against extending CHIP—which insures 66,000 L.I. children—because he “doesn’t like the idea spend $80 billion more on the military, you need to spend $63 billion more on the non-military.” (HR 1892, Roll Call 69; WashingtonTimes)

If He Only Had a Heart

In NY01, 66,632 people with disabilities receive Medicaid. Yet Zeldin continues to support Trump’s efforts to end Medicaid, jeopardizing their health care coverage and services. (

Zeldin's Worst Vote? ACA Repeal.

"In perhaps his worst vote in 4 years, Zeldin joined his party’s efforts to repeal the Affordable Care many as 1 million New Yorkers could have lost Medicaid benefits over time and more than 60,000 NY1 residents could have lost their insurance." Newsday, 10/28/18

Newsday: Zeldin Drives Up Rates

"Gershon wants to strengthen the Affordable Care Act and push for a public insurance option all Americans can buy into." ("Zeldin and his allies weakened the law in a way that over time will drive up rates for New Yorkers who need coverage most.”) Newsday

Hiding the Truth

Gone from Zeldin's web site is his boast that he “secured full congressional passage for the first time of legislation to repeal and replace Obamacare.” In its place: “member of the House bipartisan task force to combat the heroin epidemic.”  WAPO

Zeldin Mum on Medicare

Zeldin has said nothing about other harmful provisions in the GOP tax bill that hurt NY1, including $500 billion in cuts to Medicare and Medicaid, opposed by every other member of the LI congressional delegation.(H.Con.Res 71, Roll Call 557)


Infrastructure: All Talk, No Action

Zeldin said “Long Island’s infrastructure is in critical need of continued support,” but he’s done little to push for the $1 trillion that could improve NY1 roads, transportation and cell phone service. (Southhold Local)

Job Killer

Although clean energy created over 3 million jobs in 2017— 3x those of fossil fuel—Zeldin voted to slash funding for renewable energy and boost it for fossil fuel, paving the way for China to be the clean energy leader.  (HR 2028, Vote 2015, 5/1/15)

No Friend to Working Families

Zeldin say his priority is making it easier for “hardworking men and women” to provide for their families. But he opposed raising minimum wage to $10.10 and voted against paid sick days (twice)! (HConRes 11,27) (Newsday, 10/10/14)

Which Side Is Lee On?

Zeldin voted to block consideration of a bill to prevent U.S. corporations from moving overseas to avoid paying taxes! (H.Res 5, Vote #4; Democratic Leader’s office, 1/6/15)

Poor Lee $eldin

Although Zeldin represented the poorest downstate NYS Senate district outside of NYC, he said “lawmakers were underpaid.” His salary then was $79,500, and he properly disclosed earning $180,000 from a law firm (Borah, Goldstein) while in the Senate. NYTimes

Bigger Bill, Fewer Refunds

Your paycheck may be higher now, but there’s a catch: the IRS didn’t create new W-4 forms based on GOP tax law changes. Your employer's using the one already on file, which may apply deductions you’re no longer getting. (Fox Business)(USA)

SALT in the Wound

Zeldin says he’s not responsible for SALT because he didn’t vote for the tax bill. Don’t buy it. He voted for the initial budget bill that put it on the House agenda and changed the rules to make it easier for the Senate to pass. (H.Con.Res 71, Roll Call 557)

GOP Tax Bill: Win for the Wealthy

"Taxes of lower-earning families with kids would clearly rise—dramatically so [for] larger families. There also would be one clear set of winners: Wealthy families that now pay estate taxes of 40 percent would see that tax lowered to zero." (Newsday)

Shutdown Hypocrite

Zeldin has said there's "no good reason for a shutdown" but voted against bills to end it. As a result, 800,000 federal employees won't get paid—but Zeldin will. He earns $175,000/year. (HJ Res 1,Roll Call #9, HR21 Roll Call #11).


A Truly Toxic Record

Zeldin has voted to reverse clean air rules, allowing companies to pollute at unsafe levels (H.R.4775) and to block the Clean Water Rule, which protects small streams and wetlands feeding into drinking water of 1 in 3 Americans (H.R.5538).

Crippling the EPA

Zeldin has voted to slash EPA funding by $500 million and prohibit it from implementing rules requiring oil and gas companies to reduce methane pollution--a key contributor to global warming. (House Roll Call Vote 488; Amendment to HR 3354)

Working for Koch or NY01?

Zeldin received $20,000 from Koch Industries, making him the 3rd biggest recipient in the House and Senate! No wonder he's OK doing nothing about climate change and letting his constituents face increasing flooding, destruction of beaches, and air pollution. (

Plum Island: All Trick, No Treat

Zeldin touts his bill “protecting” Plum Island. But it merely says federal funds cannot be used to “market or sell” the Island. He refuses to work with Democrats on a bill to permanently repeal the 2008 law requiring its sale. (S.1737) (HR 2182, 7/18/18)

When Money Talks, Lee Listens

Zeldin accepted $17,000 from companies convicted of illegally dumping toxic waste in Suffolk County—at a public park, houses built for veterans returning from Iraq and Afghanistan, and a sensitive wetlands area. (Newsday) (DCCC Research)

Pro-Pollution Lee

Zeldin voted to let corporations apply for permits that let them pollute at levels exceeding national standards and which scientific research deems unsafe. (HR 4775, Roll Call 282, 6/8/16)

Zeldin, Cough, Cough

Although the American Lung Association rated Suffolk County air quality as Worst in State during Zeldin’s tenure, he voted to end significant Clean Air Act standards (H.R.4775) and let corporations pollute at unsafe levels. (Newsday) (

Don’t Let Zeldin Fool You

Zeldin claims he’s pro-environment due to votes on local issues like offshore drilling. But on national issues, he routinely protects the fossil fuel industry. Since 2015, of 133 environment related votes, only 13 were pro-environment. ( 2015-2018)

Zeldin’s Dirty Business

Zeldin rewarded dirty coal-burning plants by changing emission standards—now dangerous asthma-causing gases (like sulphur dioxide) are airborne and can pollute the air in Long Island.  (HR 3797, Roll Call 123, 3/15/16)

Poisoning Our Playgrounds

Zeldin voted to prevent local governments like Suffolk County from adopting our own pesticide rules—even rules to restrict spraying toxic chemicals (like chlorpyrifos) in schools, parks and playgrounds. (HR 2, Vote 284, Sec.9101, 6/21/18)

Mr. Anti-Science

Zeldin voted to prohibit the EPA from ever issuing revised safety standards on air quality and smog based on the latest science (HR 2822, Roll Call 401, 7/8/15, Edwards Amdt.)

Water's Worst Enemy

Zeldin voted to amend the Clean Water Act by allowing companies, such as agricultural concerns, to freely apply pesticides in or near navigable waterways without a permit. (HR 953, Roll Call 282, 5/24/17)

17 Ways to Poison NY1

Zeldin voted for 17 bills  that make it harder for federal agencies like the EPA to inform the public about the risks of toxic chemicals and eliminate safeguards protecting public health—which Koch Industries, a major donor, has been pushing for years.

Lee's Denial will Sink Long Island

"Gershon has made fighting climate change central to his campaign." ("Zeldin stands against policy changes that would keep rising waters and increasing storms from swallowing the district.") Newsday

Plum Island: Zeldin's Done Zip

Zeldin's "bill to stop the sale of Plum Island....has passed in the House more than once but gone nowhere in the Senate. Plum Island has no more federal protection today than the day Zeldin was elected." Newsday

Gun Safety

Hypocrisy in Action

After the mass shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas HS in Parkland, Zeldin said, “This tragedy could have and should have been prevented.” But he voted against measures to prevent those tragedies: background checks and assault rifle ban. (HR 466; NY SAFE Act)

Zeldin Protects NRA, Not the Public

Zeldin voted against banning people from carrying firearms and ammunition in airports and on public transportation including buses, subways and railroad such as the LIRR and Amtrak. (HR 2406, Amdt. Roll Call 96)

NRA Makes Lee’s Day

Zeldin has received $61,181 from the NRA since he has been in office, more than any New York representative in the House. (

Lee’s “War” on Terrorism?

Zeldin voted 23 times to block a bill prohibiting suspected terrorists on the FBI’s terror watchlist to buy firearms in the U.S., a vote that 82% of gun owners oppose. (H.R. 539, 542, 546, 556, 2130, 579, 580, 583, 778, 783...) (Pew Research)

Lee Favors Deadly Loophole

Zeldin voted against a bill extending FBI background checks from three days to 10. It would close the loophole that allowed white supremacist Dylann Roof to buy the gun he used in the Charleston church massacre that killed nine African Americans. (H.R.1112, Roll Call 103, 2/28/19)


Soldier or Sellout?

Zeldin voted for an appropriations bill to cut VA funding by more than $1 billion, impacting the healthcare of 70,000 veterans and denying funds for education, medical research and veterans’ cemeteries. (HR 2029, Roll Call 193)

Working for Veterans or Wall Street?

As a member of the VA Committee, Zeldin skipped 65% of hearings in 2015. In 2017 he left to join Financial Services, which presides over the bank, insurance, securities and housing industries, from which he’s received $2,069,260. (

Protecting Veterans or Predators?

NY1 is home to 34,075 vets, yet Zeldin voted NO on a bill preserving the right to sue if their mortgages violate anti-predatory lending laws and protecting them from brokers who get bonuses for selling them unaffordable mortgages.( 1210, Roll Call 635)

Who’s Lee Protecting?

Though an average of 20 veterans commit suicide daily—two thirds with a gun—Zeldin voted for the NRA-backed “Veterans 2nd Amendment Protection Act,” which allows 167,000+  vets deemed "mentally incompetent" to keep and buy firearms. (HR 1181, Vote 169; 3/16/17)(WAPO 3-22-17)

Out of Sight, Out of (Lee's) Mind

Zeldin voted against a bill ensuring that U.S veterans serving overseas receive their absentee ballots at least 45 days before federal elections. (H.R. 1, 1/3/19, Roll Call 119)


Art of the Spiel

Zeldin claims he’s a bi-partisan and wants to end the shutdown, but in January voted against 7 bills to reopen the government and pay 800,000 federal employees. (H.J.Res 1, 27; H.R. 264, 265, 266, 267, 268) (

Hurricane Zeldin I

Zeldin voted against a bill to fund the federal government through Feb. 9 that would have provided $12.1 billion in disaster relief funding for areas hurt by Hurricanes Florence (Carolinas) and Michael (FL), and the California wildfires. (H.R. 268, Roll Call 39, 1/16/19)

Zeldin the Obstructionist I

Zeldin voted against a bill to reopen 9 federal depts. and allow employees to return to work and receive their paychecks while negotiations over Trump’s wall continues. Six GOP reps voted w/Dems including Katko and Stefanik of the NY delegation. (H.J.Res 27,Roll Call 31, 1/15/19)

Zeldin the Obstructionist IV

Zeldin voted against the fourth bill to end the shutdown. It would have funded agencies including the DOI (which manages and conserves parks and natural resources) and the EPA (which funds programs to restore and maintain the LI Sound and Peconic Estuary).(HR 266,Vote 27,1/10/19)

Salmonella, anyone?

If you get food poisoning, thank Zeldin. He voted against a bill to fund and reopen the USDA and the FDA, allowing them to resume food safety inspections and ending the public health hazard created by the shutdown.  (H.R. 265, Roll Call 25, 1/19/19)

Zeldin's Not Hurting

In an interview on Breitbart, Zeldin said, “It’s difficult to miss one paycheck” and “increasingly difficult to miss a second.” Easier if you earn $174,000, your taxpayer-funded pension may be 80% of that, and the Constitution bans withholding your pay.

Zeldin the Obstructionist II

Zeldin talks big on security but voted against a bill to reopen DHS thru Feb. 8. It would've kept border funding at $1.3 billion and paid DHS and TSA employees (240,000 and 60,000, respectively ) who haven't been paid since Dec.22. (H.J.Res 1, Roll Call 9, 1/3/19)

Zeldin Betrays Coast Guard

Zeldin said “It’s crazy to me that Congress is paid while you have Coast Guardsmen who are not." Yet he voted against every bill to end the shutdown and pay the 42,000 active-duty members, which includes a unit in his district. EHStar

Lee to Coast Guard: Not My Problem

The Coast Guard is funded by DHS—not by DoD as are other the military branches. So when Zeldin, an Army Major, refused to fund DHS he deserted fellow service members who were forced to rely on charity, including food from friends and food banks. (H.J.Res 1, Roll Call 9, 1/3/19)

Shutdown Over, Pain Persists

Zeldin voted against a bill urging landlords and financial companies—such as banks and credit agencies like Equifax—to help their customers facing short-term hardship & long-term credit damage though no fault of their own. (H.Res 77, Roll Call 59, 1/29/19)

Two-Faced Lee

Zeldin said there was “no good reason at all for the...government to shutdown” for 35 days, but voted against a bill requiring Congress to ensure continued, uninterrupted government protect the security of the American people. (H.Res 79,Roll Call 65,1/30/19)

Women & LGBTQ

Women's Health but Zeldin’s Choice?

Zeldin repeatedly voted to restrict abortion rights, including a ban at 20 weeks, directly challenging Roe v. Wade. The bill was opposed by the American Congress of Obstetricians as a serious health threat and not based on sound science. (H.R.36)

Zeldin’s War on Women

If Zeldin can’t ban abortion, he’ll make it unaffordable. He’s voted to ban private insurance coverage of abortion and block federal funding for abortion, making it unobtainable for many young women. (H.R. 36)

Lee OK with Unequal Pay

In Suffolk County, women earn $51,014 for a job that pays men $65,326—$14,312 less ( Zeldin voted to block Congress from considering a bill to end the pay gap and protect workers from retaliation for sharing info on their wages. (H.R. 1619)

Female is Not a Pre-Existing Condition

Zeldin voted for a bill that would let insurers deny coverage of pre-existing “conditions"—pregnancy, C-sections, Celiac disease, hysterectomies, eating disorders, domestic violence and sexual assault treatment—and charge exorbitant rates. (

Save a Life, Vote Zeldin Out

Zeldin voted for a health care bill that would allow insurers to refuse to cover preventive—often lifesaving—tests, including mammograms, screenings for cervical cancer, osteoporosis, anemia, gestational diabetes, and preeclampsia. (HR 1628)

Zeldin Protects his Family—Not Yours

Zeldin’s twin daughters were 3.5 months premature. “It's amazing [what] the doctors and nurses did …. to make sure [they] survived,” Zeldin said. But he voted against covering newborn care for your family. (H.R.1628) (Roll Call)

What's Lee Got Against Mothers?

An estimated 8.7 million women gained maternity services under the ACA, but Lee doesn’t think that’s a big deal: He voted to allow insurers to drop maternity coverage. (H.R. 1628)

Zeldin's Betrayal

Contraceptive coverage under ACA contributed to a dramatic decline in unintended pregnancies—including teen pregnancies—now at a 30-year low. But Lee betrayed women and voted to let insurers stop covering such critical services for women. (

Lee Signs Letters, Not Bills

Although Zeldin signed a letter asking Pompeo to condemn Chechnyan violence against the LGBTQ community, he voted against (1) marriage equality in NYS and (1) preventing discrimination based on sexual orientation or gender identity. (HR1155, Roll Call 19, 1/7/16)

Zeldin Supports Trans Ban

Zeldin said “we should find a place for any American... willing to risk their life in defense of our freedoms” but supported the transgender ban. “The military was...way over the top in the obsession & prioritization of social engineering… over…protecting our national defense.”


Students Flunk Zeldin

Zeldin received a failing grade from TeamEnough, the student-led project of the Brady Campaign. Why? Because Zeldin takes NRA $$$$ but doesn't support the 3 critical bills they care about. (HR 4240; HR 2598; HR 5087).

No Support of Grad Students

Zeldin says he supports Stony Brook STEM students, but he didn’t sign a bipartisan letter of protest against taxing their tuition waivers—on average, graduate students would owe about $12,000 more in taxes while struggling to make ends meet.

Sachem Fact Check

At the Sachem Library debate, Zeldin said he voted to expand early childhood education. But in 2015 he voted against a budget amendment to invest more in universal preschool and early education for all 4-year-olds. (H.ConRes 27, Vote139) (RealClearPolitics)

Lee's Bats for Lenders

Zeldin cosponsored a bill to eliminate the one place students can go to for help with predatory lenders: the Consumer Finance Protection Board. In 2017 it resolved 42,067 complaints on student loans including lack of information on repayment terms. (HR 10, Sec.727, #299, 6/8/17) CFPB

Zeldin FaVors DeVos

Zeldin voted to reduce spending on public education by converting federal funds dollars to block grants—doing would means states could use thre money for vouchers and subsidies for private schools. (H.Amdt. 639 to H.R. 5, Roll Call 419).

Votes Don’t Lie

Zeldin said his “values are to expand [college access] for NYers...who can’t afford it.” But he voted NO to the Student Success Act, a bill to improve schools in poor areas— denying technology & college prep to 3 million kids living in poverty in NYS. (Amdt.639, Roll Call 419)

Ethics & Donors

Anti-Ethics on Day One

Zeldin was sworn in to the House on Jan. 6, 2015. That same day, he voted to limit the power of the House Ethics Comm and the Office of Congressional Ethics to investigate its members of Congress.  The rule passed 234-172. (H Res 5, 1/16/15, Roll Call 6)

Zeldin Jumps in Swamp

Zeldin voted to block an amendment—SWAMP FLYERS Act—that would have ensured that senior political appointees do NOT spend taxpayer money on private travel. (HR 839, Roll Call 150, 4/25/18) (HR 3876)

Private Planes

Although the use of private jets for routine travel violates federal travel rules, Zeldin voted against protecting whistleblowers who disclose information about improper use of aircrafts by government officials. (S 585, Roll Call 567, 10/12/17)

Lee's Greed

Money flowing into his coffers from billionaires Sheldon Adelson, Robert Mercer and the Kochs apparently isn’t enough, so Lee Zeldin sued the SEC to get rid of limits on campaign contributions from investment firms. (

Pay for Play?

Zeldin got more than $350,000 from the real estate industry and associates during his NY Senate career. No surprise that he voted for a tax abatement for luxury NYC real estate developments, a bill the NY Times called a “gilded little carve out.” ( (NYTimes, 6/24/13)

Zeldin Trumpets Disatrous Policies

"Zeldin quickly became a reliable cheerleader for Trump’s divisive, dismissive politics and disastrous policies. Most troubling are Zeldin’s feverish efforts to discredit the investigation into Russia’s involvement in the 2016 election." (Newsday)

Russian Trumpeteer

Zeldin repeatedly voted against investigating Russian interference in the 2016 election, including a bill introduced by Maxine Waters requiring the Treasury to turn over documents relating to financial ties between Trump and Russia. (HRes442, 7/28/17)  (Financial Committee Report)

Double Standard

During Obama's presidency Zeldin said, “The president is elected to serve in his capacity in the executive branch; he is not Congress.” Yet he supports Trump’s attempt to usurp Congressional power by declaring a fake national emergency. (Newsday)

Koch is It

Zeldin received $20,000 from Koch Industries in 2018, making him the 3rd biggest recipient in the House & Senate. No wonder he's nothing about climate change ignores the increased flooding, beach destruction, and air pollution in his district. OpenSecrets

Zeldin’s So-Called “Mistake”

It's no surprise that Zeldin voted against a bill to expand and protect voting rights—in two consecutive elections he sent out a campaign mailer with the wrong deadline for absentee ballots, claiming it was “mistake” and blaming the printer. (H.R.1, 1/3/19, Roll Call 119) (2016) (2018)